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Stephan Smit about

After an education in Business Administration (MSc Strategy), I worked as direct sales and international business developer for several companies. I was always (re)structuring the commercial process and looking for efficiency improvements. Multiple times I was amazed by the amount of companies that seemed able to operate without having a continuous flow of the right information about their markets and sales opportunities. The commercial machine worked responsive instead of pro-active: customers were approached after a tender was published, feedback from local representatives wasn’t verified and became an assumption, sales didn’t have enough time to find new projects, and deals were missed. We had to come up with a solution… I started using a concept version of what now is the Leaddashboard, that provided the company with relevant market and project information. The same year, I was even more amazed by the impact of having that information available in an early stage. It enabled us to localize more potential projects, make important decisions faster and based on facts, intensify the dialogue with our local partners and basically speed up the rate in which we were doing business. Having said that, as a passionate entrepeneur I couldn’t wait to share this experience and make this great tool available for you!”

Koen Korteweg about

Cloud computing evangelist with a strong background in CRM implementations, product development and business consultancy. It is my ongoing passion to deliver the best cloud software experience as possible. At Leaddashboards I am managing the technical department of the company. Leaddashboards is built by a team of developers on the best cloud frameworks available, that provides countless possibilities to facilitate (y)our wishes to continously improve the lead engine. We use customer feedback as the most important source of input for working on (more) features and functionalities for Leaddashboards. Our customers will always have an up-to-date version that is fully supported and do not have to fear upredictable IT costs – that is, today, tomorrow and the next decade.