Take advantage of one of the three editions available, increase your grip on the market and boost sales productivity.
Lead Reader
Read-only edition
per license
per month
(Billed annually)
Leaddashboards Lead-Engine
Cloudbased, access from anywhere
Tailor-made Lead Inbox
Lead Manager
Standard edition with configuration and CRM functionality
per license
per month
(Billed annually)
Lead Reader features included
Save and manage leads in custom folders
Customizable search queries
Easy lead-sharing
Direct Support
Multi-user support, €89 user/month
Lead Enterprise
Full-options, integrates with your business-software
Pricing starting at
per license
per month
(Billed annually)
Lead Manager features included
Company dedicated server
Supports > 150 search queries
Custom RSS news sources
Multi-user support, incl. 3 users
3rd party application/integration support
Basic analytics & reporting

How to start
1. Choose your edition

2. Implementation: just configuration**

3. Ready to go!

**Leaddashboards is cloudbased and easy to configure, no custom development is required.
Therefore, implementation is reduced to just a few days.
One of our experts visits you onsite and uses workshop and feedback sessions to complete your lead profile.
After these sessions your leaddashboards account will be configured, users receive a brief training and you’re ready to go.